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What I learned when migrating from IPv4 to IPv6 on AWS

What to consider when migrating from IPv4 to IPv6 for a simple web server on AWS? It is more involved than just tweaking a few knobs.

PCI and GPU passthrough in Harvester HCI vs. Proxmox

How to pass through a PCI device or GPU to a Windows VM in Harvester HCI? Is it simpler than Proxmox? Let's find out.

Can I use external SSD enclosures for Proxmox disks?

Expanding your Proxmox storage and ZFS pool with external SSD enclosures is feasible and stable enough for homelab use but with some catches.

My checklist for bringing a website to production

To reach a production environment, many more items that may be out of a developer's scope have to be reviewed, so here is my production-ready checklist for easy reference.

CenturyLink service is bad, here is why

For my homelab, I have been a CenturyLink customer for a few months. Their customer service quality is ... worth a rant.

Virtualize TrueNAS inside Harvester HCI

TrueNAS and Harvester HCI (with Kubevirt for VM management), will they be a good combination?

OpenWRT as an x86 virtualized firewall in Harvester HCI

I decided to virtualize my infrastructure, and the first step was to put my OpenWRT firewall into the Harvester cluster.

Bootstrap a simple back end with a user notification feature using Novu and Amplication

In this project, I’ll be showing you some unique ways to integrate Novu with Amplification, a BaaS platform, to create a simple back-end PoC.

Is Harvester a good hypervisor for a beginner? My hands-on experience

Are you trying to find a hypervisor type 1 for your homelab? Harvester might be an interesting choice.

Amplication vs Supabase vs Appwrite, for an effortless back end

Building a back end. Have you ever heard about headless CMS and BaaS? They might be what you are looking for.

ChromeOS Flex, have I just opened a can of worms?

I decided to try out the bleeding edge ChromeOS Flex, and what have I found...

What is Bitwarden Enterprise, and how to set it up with Google SSO via OIDC?

In this tutorial, you will learn more about the Bitwarden Enterprise plan and the steps to configure its SSO with Google as an identity provider.

Cloudflare Turnstile and Wordfence 2FA break WordPress login flow, how to fix it?

Cloudflare Turnstile and Wordfence 2FA should improve WP security but at the potential cost of locking you out of the admin dashboard.

Is AMD GPU better than Nvidia on Linux? It depends

I recently had a chance to try out AMD GPU on Linux, and to my surprise, it was not really a pleasant experience.

Backup and encrypt Microsoft 365 with Synology Active Backup

In this article, I will go over the necessary steps to create the first backup of your Microsoft 365 cloud services on DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.

Strapi vs Directus vs Payload, which headless CMS is the best?

After looking at a dozen headless CMSs for my upcoming blogfolio, I narrowed the choices to only Strapi v4, Directus v9, and Payload v1.

Headless CMS features comparison

Let's discuss the concept of headless CMS, the features to consider, and which headless CMS is a suitable choice for your portfolio and blog.

Security via open-source, a common fallacy?

Open source can be a solution to ongoing security and privacy concerns. That said, you should be aware of the following before jumping the ship.

JavaScript Promise Chaining - Avoid Callback Hell

A comprehensive guide to making your asynchronous JavaScript code more manageable using Promise Chaining!

Analysis of article trend on

I built an application to analyze the trends on, so you can optimize your content there with a data-backed analysis.

What is GitHub CLI?

Bring GitHub to your beloved terminal.

What are GitHub Actions? Understanding GitHub workflow concepts

Let's learn an elegant way to automate your software project on GitHub.

Semanticly crafting your code base

Let's explore how to define conventions for your software project using a semantic approach.

Some tips to configure Google Cloud SQL

And troubleshoot some SSL connection errors ...

Front-end technologies to explore

The front-end ecosystem is massive, let's see what options are available out there.

How to run a web app on Google Cloud App Engine (GAE)?

3 ways to host a single-page application on Google App Engine

Advanced GitHub Actions - Conditional Workflow

Using different secrets based on a triggered branch.

Free WordPress site with Google Cloud and Cloudflare

Let's learn about a budget WordPress solution for small websites and businesses.

Deployment process from GitHub to Google App Engine and Cloud SQL (Part 2)

Let's learn a way to create a sample CI/CD pipeline and make the first GAE instance up and run.

Deployment process from GitHub to Google App Engine and Cloud SQL (Part 1)

My initial approach to defining the necessary tools for a CI/CD pipeline.

From the local development environment to Google Cloud Platform, where to start?

My thought process of bring an application from a local to a cloud environment.